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Tom hardy would make a good Gandhi: UK producer

UK’s famous producer Nick Powell has said he would like to cast Tom Hardy to play character of Gandhi, if he chooses to make a film on Gandhi. Powell is here in Delhi for the first edition of Diorama International Film Festival running at Siri Fort Auditorium from 14th to 20th January. Speaking at a master class, Nik said, “I have seen quite a many movies of Indian filmmaker especially movies by filmmaker Satyajit Ray. I enjoyed watching Munnabhai MBBS and Mahatma Gandhi’s character was inspiring”.

UK producer was a speaker for one of the market session at Diorama Film Bazaar, where filmmakers are meeting to secure film deals, co-production support and other concrete offers. Ramesh Meer from VFX studio also shared the stage and spoke on how to create more characters in film. Speaking at the occasion, Meer said “ 90pc of the times, film makers do not have a proper script. There are rough scripts basis which the sequences and dialogues are made”. The panellists also spoke about, planning the effective marketing strategy for movie promotions. Nik emphasised on choosing the film festivals and events for Premiering/Screening the movie.

Seven day festival is organised by Manoj Srivastava, a former CEO, IFFI Goa who headed National Film Awards for Government of India. The festival has prominent actors, directors from 40 countries and is is supported by Film Federation of India. Randhir Kapoor was the chief guest at the red carpet event and the opening ceremony of the festival. He was introduced as Raj Kapoor’s son and grandfather of “country’s social media sensation. The festival saw world premier of three Movies “Bombariya”, Marathi movie: “Dear Molly”and “Sohalla".

Originally Published in UNI India

New Delhi, Jan 20 (UNI)



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