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Diorama Sparrow

The Sparrow Awards

Awards and Honours for 2022 Edition

named after the endangered and endearing Bird

Diorama International Film Festival is back with its fifth edition and this time we are moving to Dubai. 
This worldwide exposition of Cinema and film business will kick off the awards season as the Diorama International Film Festival. This Edition shall also have Viewers' and Critics' Choice Awards this time in addition to the regular ones. The Viewers' Choice Award shall be presented in each Competitive category.  

Award Categories

This Edition shall present only the Viewers' Choice Award to the Three Best Films from 200 Films from over 60 countries. The awards named Gold, Silver and Bronze Sparrow shall be presented to the Best three films judged by the international audiences of the Festival though a system of Online Voting.


The Film Categorized are as under:

1. International Competition for Feature Films

2. International Competition for Short Films

3. International Competition for Documentary Films

4. Indian Competition for Feature Films across all Indian languages

Diorama Awards

The Opening Night

The Grand Gala Opening

Who's Who of Cinema and other celebrities walk the red carpet on the Opening Night. The Great Extravaganza opens with a Grand Red Carpet Event. 

Event Opening - Diorama
Red Carpet

The Closing Night

The Night of Honors

The Closing Ceremony shall witness the top international film celebrities walk the red carpet to attend and honor the winners.  


Exclusive Festival Banquets in honour of the Film Personalities. 

What is the most exciting part of any event? Well Yes, the after-party! Diorama International Film Festival is the place where every single thing is full of excitement and energy and we will not stay behind in the after-party game, rather surpass the ones that you might have ever witnessed before. Each evening witnesses a great 'After Events Party' with Film Personalities attending the Festival. Did we hear the cheers yet? Yes, we did!

Dining Area
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