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Diorama Sparrow

World Film Students Congregation

For the next generation of talent, Diorama opens the door for students to Leverage this immense opportunity to learn, grow, and network in the international film industry.

Group Discounts available for 4 or more students


Price: AED 250/ $68* incl. taxes

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Managing your finances for 5 Days of the festival

Accommodation: $25 Per Night

Student Pass: $68

Food and Transport: $15 a day

Total: $268 approx

in which you get to watch over 100+ Films at the festival, Attend 15+ Workshops and Masterclasses, Experience Film Bazaar, Meet and Network with Industry Professionals, Find Jobs and Freelance work, share your portfolios

Film Screenings

200+ Film Screenings from over 125 Countries

With over 5000 entries from 125+ countries across the globe, Diorama goes to the epicentre of the film industry in Dubai. Truly an international film festival, Diorama shall screen over 200 films carefully selected from world, an enriching & a learning experience indeed.

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Image by Kenny Eliason

Workshops & Masterclasses

Creative Minds' Connect  


Scores of Film Workshops, Master Classes, Seminars by some of the top Film Professionals in the world. We host Workshops that are highly informative, interactive, and motivational in nature. Diorama International Film Festival and Market bring you over 200 Films, 40+ Sessions, 50+ Speakers!

Networking opportunities

Find Jobs & Mentors, Learn, Grow

Diorama presents some of the most prestigious names from the World Cinema, Hollywood, Indian, Arabic, and World Cinema to come together and partake in the cinematic celebration. This becomes a great opportunity for students to learn how the film market functions, how films are made and distributed and get them ready for the real world.

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Hotel Swimming Pool

Budget hotels & Food discounts

Hostels Starting $25, Hotels Starting $50 a day

As a special offer to students, we’re offering budgeted hotels & stay around the venue. Additionally, there will be select food joints offering a discount to the students attending the Diorama International Film Festival. 

Industry Access

Avail special discounts on Select Products

We understand your passion for filmmaking and garnering the best tools to learn, we only want to help. In an extremely lucrative option, all the budding filmmakers & students shall get a chance to avail themselves of a special discount on select companies relevant to the industry.

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Working At Home


Get Ready for the Real World!

Students looking to learn more on-ground and grow in the film industry can apply as a 'Volunteer' on our website! You will learn -

  1. The Basics of Film Selections

  2. Knowledge of reviewing films

  3. Handling an event

  4. Organising Workshops


Also, get a chance to meet industry stalwarts and land your dream job as an Assistant Producer, Assistant Cameraman, Assistant Directors, Freelancers et al.

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