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Official Selection 2024: First List

Updated: Jan 29

                                         OFFICIAL SELECTION, INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM SECTION 

  1. Somedays, Japan, directed by Takeshi Sone

  2. A Normal Day, Spain,  directed by José Texeira

  3. Money Exchange, Argentina, directed by Lautaro García Candela

  4. No One, Chile, directed by Martín Duplaquet

  5. Lonely Yurt, Kazakhstan, directed by Begarys Yelubaev

  6. Dark Matter, Iran, directed by Karim Lakzadeh

  7. Kiss My Ass Boss, Taiwan,  directed by Arthur Chu

  8. Cornell’s Box, South Korea, directed by Hyunji Lee

  9. The Gospel of the Beast, Philippines, directed by Sheron Dayoc

  10. Aval, India, directed by Jayaraj

  11. Fog, Russia, directed by Natalia Gugueva

                                         OFFICIAL SELECTION, INDIAN FEATURE FILM SECTION

  1. The Confession, directed by Anant Mahadevan

  2. Kolahalam, directed by Rasheed Parambil

  3. Udanpaal, directed by Karthik Seenivaasan 

  4. Kallanum Bhagavathiyum, directed by Vijayan East Coast

  5. Bijoyar Pore, directed by Abhijit Sri Das

  6. Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi Hai, directed by Apoorv Singh Karki

  7. Deep Fridge, directed by Arjun Dutta


  1. A Ghost Lives in Tunnel, South Korea, directed by Mingu Kang

  2. That Night, Iran, directed by Koosha Nategi

  3. Pond, Germany, directed by Steffen Cieplik

  4. Shirt Number 10, The Netherlands, directed by Boris Loning

  5. Debt, Brazil, directed by Raquel Rodrigues

  6. Bhabishya, Nepal, directed by Prabin Katwal

  7. Luca, Out of Sync, Italy, by Alessandro Marinaro

  8. Taste of Flayou, Tunisia, directed by Abdelkader Bahaeddine Benhmida

  9. Sour, Armenia, directed by Violetta Kocharyan

  10. To Go, Turkey, directed by Seval Şener

  11. Queen of the Mountain, Kyrgyzstan, directed by Shamyrbek Mamat Uulu

  12. The Tale of Vasalisa, Finland, directed by Ruut Ahonen

  13. Wishes from the Well, Estonia, directed by Alesja Suzdaltseva

  14. Atomic Bomb, Uzbekistan, directed by Timur Batirovich Amanshikov

  15. Where the river ends, Colombia, directed by Duber Altamar

  16. The Role, Turkey, directed by Berkant Ege Erdem

  17. Bogatyr, Ukraine, directed by Erik Sémashkin

  18. Valeria, Russia, directed by Olga Khoreva

  19. Detour, Lebanon, directed by Estephan Khattar, Layal Akiki

  20. Father's Day, Peru, directed by Marcelo Núñez

  21. The Weight of a Feather, Argentina, directed by Marianela Valdata

  22. Late Winter, Croatia, directed by Jasna Safić

  23. Paris 70, Spain, directed by Dani Feixas Roca

  24. The Raid, Iran, directed by Pooria Soleimani

  25. Patrimony, Bosnia, directed by Stefan Tomić

  26. Why Won't You Dance, Greece, directed by Penelope Mavropsaridi

  27. Cape Town Royalty Programme, South Africa, directed by Max Fouchee

  28. Story, Morocco, directed by Mohamed Bouhari

  29. The Burning Incense, China, directed by Hao Lin

  30. For Roy, Canada, directed by Vivian Cheung

  31. Out of Context, India, directed by Malhar Salil

  32. Water Religion, Oman, directed by Haitham Sulaiman

  33. In Pursuit of Precious Memories, Hong Kong, directed by Pui Tung Lam

  34. The Blue Ceremony, Indonesia, directed by Arief Rachman Missuari

  35. Crossroads, Egypt, directed by Buthaina Abdul Karim Al Nasiri

  36. Abyss, China, directed by Xiaolin Wen

  37. To Fly, Chile, directed by Catherine Mazoyer

  38. Wednesday, Hungary, directed by Botond Aszalós

  39. Parchaaiyaan, India, directed by Chandrakant Singh

  40. Malamor, France, directed by Pascal Roy

  41. No Way Around it, UAE, directed by Elsa Pottier


  1. Abla, Jordan, directed by Said Najmi

  2. Tipasa, Algeria, directed by Ahmed Berramdane, Abderrahim Sebti, Mohamed Diaa Djaballah

  3. The Land, Latvia, directed by Ivars Seleckis

  4. The Golden Thread, India, directed by Nishtha Jain

  5. Let me Win, Russia, directed by Maria Finkelshtein, Svetlana Muzychenko

  6. On the Verge of Death, Pakistan, directed by Ramsha Yaseen

  7. Until the Last Mile, Mexico,  directed by David Saavedra

  8. A Medic, Kyrgyzstan, directed by Alizhan Nasirov

  9. Invisible World, Greece, directed by Manuel De Coco

  10. Destroyed Walls, Turkey, directed by Ezel Avci




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