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Diorama Film Bazaar goes to Dubai in its fifth edition

Updated: Jan 3

Dubai - Where extraordinary ideas meet the power players of the Entertainment world. Don’t trust us? Then trust the numbers.

Diorama is a place where every inch and every minute is entertainment and business. Where each evening is an event, where big, bold & beautiful of world cinema rub shoulders with commoners. For its fifth edition, Diorama plans to open the cinema to the world stage and offer a Film Market to Buy, Sell, Find, Fund, Distribute, Market Content and Network with content creators. Diorama Film Bazaar is an international film market focused on promoting international film business. 

Diorama Film Bazaar Dubai

There are two main sections of the market focused on Funding and Distribution. It offers:

1.    PITCHFEST: This is one-of-a-kind opportunity where one gets mentorship from industry stalwarts, pitches for funding and if everything aligns, secures funding for their project!

- Pitch a project: If one has a developed Film Project, complete or semi-finished Screenplay, Financing, and an attached Director, then one can utilize this section to pitch their fiction or non-fiction to secure funds, partners, post-production support, and soft funding from Financers, Film Funds, Producers, and Co-Producers.

Pitch a script: If a writer has a 1,000-word story idea or a full script, this section is meant for them to sell their story idea to an OTT Platform, Producer, Production House, or a Director for a Film, Web Series, or Documentary. Be it fiction or non-fiction, short or feature length, the Script!


2.    THE FIRST CUT: ​'The First Cut' is a ‘Viewing Room’ for ready new and yet to be released Feature Films, Short Films, Documentary films, Web series and Television Dramas for selection by OTT Platforms, Television Networks, Studios, Buyers, Distributors, Sales Agents, and Film Festival Programmers. You could register your film on this platform which would be exclusively accessed by the Film Market delegates. If you are looking to promote, sell, license or find film festivals or distribution support, this platform is for you.​

How does it work? There are two ways to screen your film to buyers:

·       Auditorium Screening (35-seater) with 7.1 Sound

·       Viewing Room (Can be accessed via a secured network on a laptop)

Additionally, the festival offers Networking Table Slots to producers, and directors to meet more industry stalwarts along with a provision of space for the Exhibitors. The delegates will be able to access the Networking Tables allocation beforehand and can set up their meeting schedules. The great numbers speak for themselves and offer a massive opportunity for the exhibitors to use this perfect buyer-seller platform and realize its full potential. With the power players of the world, all gathering in the eclectic city, is nothing but a lucrative opportunity for exhibitors to leverage a global presence of film producers, OTT platforms, etc. 

One may ask, why Dubai? Opining on the same, Kunal Srivastava, Director, Diorama Film Bazaar says, 'We're thrilled to take the fifth edition a notch up after the excellent reception we've received in the previous festivals. Hosting it in Dubai is a strategic decision given how it happens to be the epicentre of the global film fraternity. The numbers above speak for themselves. The Diorama Film Bazaar is an illustrious platform for budding & bonafide filmmakers, producers, patrons and stalwarts to engage with esteemed professionals. It's an event that shall pave the way for many by bringing immense potential under the same roof in Dubai. Pitchfest, First Cut, and hosting Networking Tables is just an effort to justify the numbers above, allowing an immense exchange of opportunities by tapping the global market.'

DFB invites Location Managers, Tourism Boards, Acquisition and Content Development Executives, Agents, Attorneys, Producers, Directors, Sales Agents, Distributors, OTT Platforms, Television Channels, Festival Directors, Programmers, Financiers, Film Commissioners, Writers, Film Funds, Film Institutes, Studios and all those who provide services to the motion picture and television industry.

All these learning & networking opportunities can be availed by investing in a market badge of 900AED per person. Further, the bazaar shall host interactive & enriching workshops, sessions etc with esteemed industry professionals to learn and grow in a useful direction.

The Film Bazaar serves as the gateway to facilitate the sale and distribution of films across various accessible platforms. To learn more about market badges, details etc, log onto and stay tuned to learn more about the event.



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