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Indian Film Industry supports New Delhi’s own real international film festival

Ever since the shifting of the International Film Festival of India to Goa, New Delhi had been bereft of a genuine international film festival. Now, an old hand at the International Film Festival of India, Goa, Manoj Srivastava, the former Chief of IFFI Goa for Goa Government launches the first edition of Diorama International Film Festival in New Delhi, this winter.

Several film festivals tried to take shape in Delhi but really none of them could bring that winter magic back. The glory returns to the capital this December with Diorama International Film Festival, says Manoj Srivastava who headed IFFI Goa and established Jagran Film Festival in 16 cities of the country.

Supported by the Film Federation of India, the nodal body of all film organizations in India, Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and the Indian Film Institute, the Festival will have several international film competitions including the one for short and documentary films. In 50 days of announcing the ‘Call for Entries’, the Festival has received over 3,000 films for preview and selection from 84 countries. The Festival, a first of its kind is getting a huge response from Hollywood, the world and the Indian film industry.

Diorama, being developed as Delhi’s answer to the world will also have a Film Market called the Diorama Film Bazaar. The Bazaar will support film projects by way of co-productions, short films through Short Film Centre, feature films through a Preview section called ‘The First Cut’ and shall offer opportunities to film companies, sales agents, distributors, equipment manufacturers, cinema chains, TV Channels, Tourism Boards to present their products and services at the Film Bazaar.

Talking about the Diorama International Film Festival, the noted Indian Film Director, Rahul Rawail says,” ‘The Diorama International Film Festival’ is an exemplary initiative taken by Manoj Srivastava, a veteran head of Film Festivals, and will benefit the International community of all persons involved in film making. I am honored to be present in the nascent stage and am sure that the growth will be unparalleled. “ Internationally renowned and several times National Award-winning film maker Shaji Karun says, “The visual media resembling cinemas, TVs, social platforms are increasing like torrential streams and to guide the intellect of that drive, we need minds ahead of time. Here the curator for such modes turns like a philosopher. Manoj Srivastava has that wisdom.”

The Festival opens in New Delhi on 17 December and closes on 23 December 2018.



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