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Festival Regulations for Diorama International Film Festival 2021

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Entries Open: 15th July 2021 Entries Close: 31st October 2021 Festival Dates: 18th-24th December 2021

The submission of films for selection of the Final Programme of the 3rd Diorama International Film Festival 2021 (Online Edition) shall be made only in accordance with the provisions set out in the Diorama International Film Festival Regulations as well as the Pre-Selection Conditions.


MSM Worldwide, New Delhi is the founder and organizer of the 3rd Diorama International Film Festival (Online Edition). This edition is being hosted this year online across several Global Video on Demand platforms together. The event is supported by several Government, Non-Government and Film Industry organizations.


DIORAMA is an International Film Festival. Its specific objective is to promote and support the development of cinematic art globally. Its goal is to act as a point of convergence for the Indian and International Cinema industries. The spirit of the Festival is the one of discovery that strives to turn a catalyst for the development of Cinematic art globally, particularly through its market segments, Diorama Film Bazaar, Webinars, Online Master Classes, and Panel Discussions, etc.


The Festival dates are 18-25 December 2021 on all Partner VOD Platforms.


The delegates are charged no Entry Fee on Diorama’s Festival Platform or on global platforms.


The deadline to submit the film entries for all categories is 31st October 2021, 11:59 PM (Indian Standard Time).


The films must have been completed between 1 November 2020 and 31 October 2021. For all films, the Film Producer/Studio/Company certificate of Date of Production is sufficient.

​Article 1

The Diorama International Film Festival will take place online on VOD Platforms Diorama Live, India, Filmocracy, USA My Open Stage, Turkey, and several other Partner platforms between 18-25 December 2021. The subscription revenues in a certain percentage shall be shared with the Producers of the selected/screened feature films.

​Article 2

The Board of Selectors chooses and invites films to be presented in Diorama International Film Festival's Competitive sections, as well as in several non-competitive ones.

Submission is open to films produced/made after 1st November 2020 for the festival, exclusively for the following programmes:

- International Competition - Feature Films only

- International Competition for Shorts - Short Fiction Films only

- International Competition for Documentaries - Documentary Films only

- Indian Competition – Indian Feature Films only

Submissions for films will be accepted only if they fit the profiles of the sections listed above. Other films are by Invitation only.

The Festival’s Screening format is DCP/Electronic high-resolution files.

Article 3

Once the film has been selected and the Invitation to participate at the Festival is accepted, the film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival Programme. Any withdrawal of film post its selection and communication of the same to the Entrant shall be liable to pay damages to the Festival.

Article 4

All films must be presented in their original language and, where this language is other than English, DCP or the screening format of the film must be subtitled in English (if not otherwise specified). Subtitling expenses are to be met by the Participant.

At its discretion, the Festival will be free to electronically project subtitles in Hindi or any other language along with English subtitles below the film on a different screen. The production and presentation of local language electronic subtitles is the responsibility of the Festival. Films with multiple language subtitling options shall be preferred, however, this shall not be the selection criterion.

​Article 5

All film entries for Competitive sections – International Competition for feature films, International Competition for Short films, International Competitions for Documentary films and Indian competition for feature films must be submitted to the Festival for selection by 31st October 2021.

The decision of the Festival with regard to selection/rejection of a film shall be final and no communication whatsoever in this regard shall be entertained.

Article 6

All submissions must contain the following:

  • A duly completed online/offline Entry Form

  • Uploaded/couriered screener of the film or Vimeo/YouTube link with password valid till 31st October 2021 or a DVD/Blue Ray (if the film's original language is other than English, the Festival requires receiving on-screen English subtitles).

  • Submissions can also be sent by mail, containing a copy of the duly completed Entry Form and the screener DVD/Blue Ray (All Region), labeled with the film's title, director's name, and language of subtitles. Submissions must be sent fully pre-paid to the address as indicated on the Entry Form plus specifying the Festival programme that you are applying for. The Festival reserves the right to refuse any shipment entailing additional costs.

6a. For films selected to be screened at the Festival, these materials must also be sent by email only:

  • Photograph of the director (soft copy)

  • Director’s biography and filmography (100 words strictly in a word file)

  • One or more stills from the film (Jpeg high-resolution files)

  • Dialogue or Spotting Sheet/List in English (SRT Files by email)

  • Film Clips / Trailer (Links or DVDs or Blue Rays)

  • Poster of the film (Jpeg- soft copy) only

  • CBFC certification, if available (for Indian films only)

6b. Additionally, for films selected to be screened in competition programmes:

  • Photos of the leading actor/ actress (Jpeg high-resolution files only)

  • Leading actor/ actress biography and filmography (word files only)

  • List of cast and crew members attending the Festival (word files only)

None of the above-listed required materials will be returned.

Article 7

The Festival may use all materials cited in Article 6 for promotional purposes and to compile the Festival Catalogue (web and printed copies both). The Festival bears no responsibility for published inaccuracies originating in submitted materials.

Article 8

During the Festival, selected films will also be available in the Digital Video Library, Diorama Live, open to designated Film Bazaar professionals and journalists.

By accepting to be part of the Festival, participants grant permission for their film to be included in the Video Library unless other arrangements have been made with the Festival.

The films in the festival will be provided distribution and marketing support at no cost by the organizing company, as a goodwill gesture to support independent cinema globally. The rights shall remain with the producers, and producers have a right for refusal for promotion.

Article 9

All prints of selected films must arrive online or physically/electronically in New Delhi latest by 10th November 2021 in designated formats and must be made available for the entire festival period with valid links and passwords, if any unless otherwise agreed. The Festival, at its discretion may download and upload the film on its Partner portals.

It is obligatory for the Participant to follow the Festival's shipping instructions (to be sent to film producer, director or another film representative along with the letter of acceptance of the film).

The Festival will not cover any shipping costs for all selected films unless otherwise agreed. The Festival will be responsible for customs clearance in New Delhi, India.

No prints will be returned by the Festival. The Producers may therefore submit online links with passwords without closing any region of the world (Region Free). Unless otherwise arranged, in the event of damage or loss of the screening copy during the Festival, the Festival is shall not be responsible for the cost of producing a new screening copy whatsoever.

Article 10

This edition shall have only One Awards for all film categories, the Viewers’ Choice Award.

The Awards:

This edition shall have only One Award for all film categories, the Viewers’ Choice Award which shall be awarded in the following categories:

  • International Competition - Feature Films

  • International Competition - Short Films

  • International Competition - Documentary Films

  • Indian Competition - Indian Feature Films

DIORAMA International Film Festival holds the right to present additional partner awards.

Article 12

Award winners are expected to record and share their videos with the Festival for broadcast on Partner platforms, portals and the media. Award winners are obliged to mention the award as announced, nationally as well as internationally, in all publicity and promotional material and attend the ceremony in person and not by representation.

Article 13

The invitation sent for each film in Competition sections selected by the Festival must remain strictly confidential between the Festival Management and the Participant until the Festival decides to make an official announcement in this regard.


Article 14

Participation in the Diorama International Film Festival implies acceptance of all regulations and pre-selection conditions. The Chairman, Diorama International Film Festival has the power to settle all issue not covered by the present Rules and Regulations.

Article 15

The last date for receiving entries is 31st October 2021, 11:59 PM IST.


Article 1

  • Films must have been produced after 1st November 2020.

  • Films that have neither been presented in television nor in the Internet / VOD. (Only for Feature Films)

  • All Feature Films must exceed 72 minutes in length.

  • All Short films must be between 03-30 Minutes in length.

  • All Documentary films must be between 15-60 minutes in length.

Article 2

The Producer-Director and Cast of the film must record their messages and share these with the Festival.

Article 3

The cast and crew members of the selected film are obliged to promote their film through internet and the social media prior and post the film's screening with statement sand interviews. Such material must be recorded and sent to the Festival in advance.

Article 4


  • Films that have already been exhibited on the Internet/ VOD are not eligible for submissions.

  • Films that were not screened on television in the countries outside their country of origin are eligible.




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