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What is Diorama Pitchfest?

Diorama Pitchfest

Diorama Pitchfest is a place where new film projects are nurtured. The Fifth Diorama Film Bazaar hosts a three-day-long Film Market. Scores of experienced international producers, film financiers, and film distributors, as well as representatives from funding bodies and sales agents, initiate international co-productions. The Pitchfest takes place Online, but participants can visit the market physically to network with other delegates.

Participants are mentored by a group of experienced film professionals from various countries and regions to help them fine-tune the Scripts and Film Projects to be pitched.  Post mentoring, Scripts, and Film projects are pitched to Film Producers, Financiers, Distributors, Film Funds, etc. through Quick Matching.

The entry is limited to the submission of Scripts for Feature Length Films, Web Series & and Television Series. The Scripts are open to all languages, regions, countries, genres and formats. The Diorama Pitchfest shall Select and Certify a limited number of projects, having a huge potential for possible Co-Production, Finance, and an International Release.



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