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Twenty Short Film Recommendations

Short Films

Here are 20 short film recommendations across various genres and styles:

  1. "La Jetée" (1962) - Directed by Chris Marker, this influential short film is composed almost entirely of still photos and tells a haunting story of time travel and memory.

  2. "Pixar Shorts" series - Pixar Animation Studios has produced numerous acclaimed short films, including "Bao" (2018), "Piper" (2016), "La Luna" (2011), and "Geri's Game" (1997).

  3. "The Lunch Date" (1989) - Directed by Adam Davidson, this Oscar-winning short film follows a woman who accidentally takes a stranger's lunch and strikes up an unexpected conversation with a homeless man in a train station.

  4. "World of Tomorrow" (2015) - Directed by Don Hertzfeldt, this animated sci-fi short follows a young girl who is visited by a future version of herself and explores themes of identity and mortality.

  5. "Logorama" (2009) - Directed by François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, and Ludovic Houplain, this Oscar-winning animated short presents a world where everything is branded and logos come to life.

  6. "Paperman" (2012) - Directed by John Kahrs, this Disney animated short tells the story of a young man who meets a woman during his commute and tries to reconnect with her using paper airplanes.

  7. "The Red Balloon" (1956) - Directed by Albert Lamorisse, this classic French short film follows a young boy who befriends a sentient red balloon that follows him through the streets of Paris.

  8. "Vincent" (1982) - Directed by Tim Burton, this stop-motion animated short film tells the story of a young boy named Vincent Malloy who dreams of being like Vincent Price.

  9. "The Cat Came Back" (1988) - Directed by Cordell Barker, this Canadian animated short follows a man's humorous and futile attempts to get rid of a persistent and troublesome cat.

  10. "Whiplash" (2013) - Directed by Damien Chazelle, this intense short film served as the basis for the feature-length movie of the same name and follows a young drummer's challenging encounter with an uncompromising music teacher.

  11. "Thunder Road" (2016) - Directed by Jim Cummings, this darkly comedic short film follows a police officer as he struggles to deliver a heartfelt eulogy for his mother.

  12. "The Black Hole" (2008) - Directed by Phil and Olly, this surreal and thought-provoking short film explores themes of loneliness, isolation, and the search for connection.

  13. "Six Shooter" (2004) - Directed by Martin McDonagh, this Oscar-winning short film follows a man who encounters a talkative stranger on a train shortly after the death of his wife.

  14. "Lava" (2014) - Directed by James Ford Murphy, this Pixar short film tells the love story of two volcanoes through a catchy musical number.

  15. "Dear Basketball" (2017) - Directed by Glen Keane, this animated short film is based on a letter written by Kobe Bryant announcing his retirement from basketball and reflecting on his love for the sport.

  16. "Feast" (2014) - Directed by Patrick Osborne, this Disney animated short follows a Boston Terrier named Winston who experiences the ups and downs of life through the meals his owner shares with him.

  17. "The Eleven O'Clock" (2016) - Directed by Derin Seale, this Australian short film is a comedic exploration of a psychiatrist's session with a patient who believes he is a psychiatrist as well.

  18. "The House of Small Cubes" (2008) - Directed by Kunio Kato, this Japanese animated short tells the story of an old man who lives in a house that keeps getting flooded, prompting him to build additional levels and reminisce about his past.

  19. "Day & Night" (2010) - Directed by Teddy Newton, this Pixar short film explores the relationship between two characters representing daytime and nighttime as they discover the beauty of their differences.

  20. "The Present" (2014) - Directed by Jacob Frey, this animated short follows a young boy who receives a puppy with a missing leg as a gift and learns an important lesson about acceptance and empathy.

These short films offer a diverse range of storytelling styles, themes, and visual techniques, providing viewers with engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experiences in a condensed format.


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