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How I Made It: WITHOUT ABAN (2021)

Aban is a forest ranger who has to get married in another month. In a chase with wood smugglers, he finds a little girl on the road who has died. Everyone doubts that he must have had an accident with the child, but Aban does not admit it. However, he admits that he killed a girl 15 years ago in a similar situation and secretly buried her. The police ask him for a sign or a document, but he has no evidence. Even the place where he buried the child has become a highway now. Even though Aban has confessed his crime, there is no evidence to prove his conviction.

87 minutes | Iran | Persian | Drama, Crime, Thriller | 2021

In its persistent mission and zeal to promote good cinema, Diorama brings you the experience of the Director of the film - Mehrdad Koroushnia

Why this subject matter for your film?

The subject "Conscience" is what our world needs today. These days many people live their lives away from social values for their benefit. We see this in our politicians too, even more than other people. A lot of people have been killed in Ukraine-Russia War lately and our conscience is dead too, like many of those people!

Where did you find the story for this film?

My film WITHOUT ABAN is based on a true event. It is about a man who killed a girl 15 years ago. He had buried her but, after 15 years he makes a confession about it. However, they couldn't find the girl, because the Municipality has changed that way to a highway.

What were the challenges you faced in making the film?

The main challenge of making this movie was "money". We had to make it with low budgets and that affected our speed to take shots, low facilities, and other problems affected by lack of budgets.

Did you face any problems in releasing the film?

The film hasn't been released yet. It hasn't been in theaters or on online platforms. It has been screened only in film festivals.

What was your background before making your first film?

I have been working in cinema and theatre for the last 25 years. I am teaching in universities and have written several scripts and screenplays for theatre as well as cinema, like three series, two screenplays, etc. I was also the co-writer of the feature film BALLAD OF A WHITE COW by Behtash Sanaeeha & Maryam Moghadam. The film has won awards in the previous Berlinale. Without Aban (2021) is my first feature film as a director.

How do you think filmmakers like you can overcome common challenges like finance and distribution?

As a piece of advice to debut filmmakers, I think talking to worldwide distributors will help them to make a good movie. Young filmmakers need to be seen in the film festivals, so if they talk to the distributors before making the movie, it would help them a lot.

Any other interesting facts about this film that you may like to cover, any experiment you did, or style?

Another experience for me is when you make an independent film, if you make it with your heart, despite a low budget, other cast and crew will help you with the budget to make the movie better.

Is this film going to affect the society, and who should watch it?

The subject CONSCIENCE is not a new subject. It has been with humans from the beginning and it will be with them to the end. So it will appeal to all the people of all the ages, all the races and...irrespective of where they come from.

Without Aban (2021) movie poster
Movie Poster - Without Aban (2021)

Festivals and Awards

  • Flicker's Rhode Island Film Festival (2021)

  • 45th Sao Paolo Film Festival (2021)

  • Diorama International Film Festival (2021)

  • Capri Hollywood Film Festival (2021)

  • Aporia International Village Film Festival (2021)

How to Reach the Director

Mehrdad Koroushnia

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