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How I Made It: Border (2021)

Boundaries are the lines that humans build to govern a particular part of nature. While nature gives generously to human beings, Humans destroy nature, they harm nature and

themselves. Nature knows no borders but the borders and lines drawn by human beings have caused the separation of human beings. The blood of innocent people has been shed on the ground because of these lines And it continues. The two soldiers can be friends, their kind nature also wants them to be friends. But borders make them enemies.

8 min | Silent | Drama | 2021 | Iran

In its persistent mission and zeal to promote good cinema, Diorama brings you the experience of the Director of the film - Roohollah Fakhroo

What inspired you to venture into short filmmaking?

A short film is a great opportunity for me and many filmmakers that suitably deliver our ideas and mental concerns. The short films allow the filmmaker to come to a conclusion. In addition, a short film is an opportunity to portray an extract from the filmmaker's mind. In the short film, the filmmaker is not afraid to experiment and is not worried about concerns such as budget, distributors and screenings. It allows us to take risks, think freely and work on what we are less afraid to say.

What was your background before making this film?

Before making short films, I had the experience of making several documentaries and television films. But BORDER is my first independent film. Without affiliation to any institution or organization, it's idea was developed during in the screenwriting process and it was made with personal funds.

What was the starting point for you of deciding to make this film?

The starting point was the border issue. Many artists around the world addressed this issue, it is a constant concern that why these lines and borders were created, And using them is ridiculous and stupid. These 2 soldiers without understanding each other's language and without being able to communicate well, only learned to fight. The starting point is the border zero point. Where one geography ends and another begins if there is no beginning and end in the universe. This is a contract that humans have made, the question is why these contracts should exist. I wanted to create a kind of grotesque by challenging the position of the soldiers and with a comedic look. I depicted these contrasts with a bit of exaggeration and humor.

Why this subject matter for your film?

The starting point of the decision to build the border was lied in two concerns: Environment and war. Why should there be war? Why do humans fight to gain more wealth or ambition? In these wars, innocent people face the ultimate brutality and innocent soldiers are martyred and the warlords make peace with each other eventually. How can humans selfishly destroy nature with the boundaries it has created for nothing?

Where did you find this story for this film?

The topic of the story is not new, so far, dozens of movies and plays have been made about this topic and will be made after this. Because the border and the environment are the concern of people who wish to have a world without borders. A world where people don't impose anything on others with these lines. I just tried to have a fresh look, a new concern, and a new thought on this repeated subject.

What were the challenges you faced in making the film?

The first challenge was the language. Soldiers hailing from distinct regions who did not understand each other's language. This challenge became the main idea of ​​the film, when two people do not know the same language, how do they convey concepts? The effort of these two people to communicate is the main challenge in the story itself. I tried to use the challenges of the story itself as an idea and opportunity to tell a better story. Filming time, very few facilities, climate, weather, and cloudy and sunny conditions were quite challenging for us because we needed uniformity in geography and time. It was difficult to enter the protected area because we had an explosion in the film and it was prohibited to make noise in that area, but the Environment Department of Semnan Province helped us a lot.

Making short films on a zero or a low budget is a common practice for most short filmmakers around the world. Do you think it affects the quality of production? What would you suggest to first time short filmmakers on a budget to ensure a good enough production quality?

Budget, human resources and equipment are important issues for the short film. You can't have professional equipment when you're on a budget. When your budget is low, you are short on human resources. good actor and good cast and that can have a critical effect on the quality of work. My only advice is to focus on the idea, don't extend the duration of the film so that you can control the budget, when you can't use a good cast due to low budget, you can promote the film by using a good idea . The main idea and logline should be quite attractive to cover up the weakness in the rest of the sections.

Did you face any problems in releasing or distributing the film? Do you think short filmmakers today have a marketplace to showcase and sell their works?

I am very interested in BORDER short film being released in the world, but didn't actually have this opportunity. It has only participated in festivals and has been screened in them, but it has not been publicly released. The subject of the film is a concern of many people: environment and world without borders and war. I hope that with the release of this film and with the help of producers and broadcasters, this film can be seen all over the world. Buying movies can give the filmmaker a second chance to make a better work.

How do you think filmmakers like you can overcome common challenges like finance and distribution?

We can start with topics that are low cost or use cheaper agents and equipment. Filmmakers everywhere are facing funding and distribution challenges but this should not restrict them from working.

Any other interesting facts about this film that you may like to cover, any experiment you did, or style?

The truth was the concern for me and the film production team, which is the concern of many people in the world: world without war and borders. I hope that the day arrives soon when there are no borders on the planet that separate people. The only border that separates people is the border between lies and truth, and language and cultural diversity and all the things that create differences between us should not be a factor in creating borders. Borders are just agreements that we respect each other's boundaries, not to be a deterrent, not to be the cause of war and selfishness.

Is this film going to affect the society, and who should watch it?

We screened this film in small groups, it was impressive, because it has a human and universal theme and the issue of universality is everyone's concern. We tried to have a creative look at this global issue. The end of the movie is a show for those who cause the death of people with their selfishness. It is human blood that crosses borders. I hope that the day will come when human blood will not flow in the borders.

What would you advice filmmakers making a short film for the first time?

Make what you have in mind and what you write, without any fear. Do not be afraid of judgment. It is very important that we have the courage to create and learn, to teach and engage a group to produce artwork. Film is not for mind or paper, the script must be produced and presented. The best advice is not to be afraid and just do it. It doesn't matter what you make, the important thing is that you get closer to the world of filmmaking with each creation.

Film Poster - Border (2021)

Festivals and Awards

  1. Winner Silver Sparrow in Diorama International film festival 2021. India

  2. Winner Best short film in Nature without Borders international film festival 2022. US

  3. Winner Best short film in Independent shorts awards 2021 . US

  4. Honorable Mention in Norgs International film festival 2022. Iran

  5. Official selection in Ukrainian Dreams film festival 2022

  6. Official selection in international Herbs symposium film and photography 2022. US

  7. Official selection in Neptune Movie awards 2022 Italy

  8. Official selection in Diogenes international film festival 2021 Georgia

Meet the Director

Roohollah Fakhroo

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