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Filming Location - Tirol, Austria

In its persistent mission and zeal to promote good cinema and enable filmmakers across the world to explore the opportunities available, the Indian Film Institute brings you Mr. Johannes Koeck, MA · Head of Cine Tirol Film Commission.

James Bond (Spectre) shoot in Tirol

Cine Tirol Film Commission is the first contact for the realization of feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos as well as photo shootings in Tirol. Cine Tirol sees itself as the driving force of the film land Tirol: all activities aim to attract film productions to carry out their projects in Tirol in order to trigger positive effects in the economy, medial, and film touristic sense. The Cine Tirol Team is available for advice or assistance and is pleased to provide extensive information about the location in the heart of the Alps.

How good is the Filming ecosystem in Tirol?

Tirol is the ideal film production country for various reasons – the easy access to stunning Alpine locations from lake districts right up the glacier regions, the climate advantage of having four distinct seasons, the central location in the heart of Europe, diverse architecture from historic to modern times, the vital support from local authorities and people living in the area and the skills & know-how of local filmmakers, artists, engineers, craftsmen and other professionals such as mountain and ski guides can be of great advantage to film crews.

What is the rebate/subsidy structure of the Tirol?

Cine Tirol offers a Production Incentive in form of a non-repayable production grant. Production grants are awarded to selected film projects after application review and are subject to budgetary constraints. Production grants are contingent upon the economic effect of the production on the region (‘Tirol Effect’) and/​or the thematic relation of the production to the region (‘Tirol Reference’). Cine Tirol Production Grant applications have to be made in writing before filming begins; three hard copies of the complete application package have to be submitted. Every applicant is required to meet with a Cine Tirol representative for an initial consultation at least 4 weeks before the application is submitted. For more information please have a look at our guidelines.

Additional incentives for Tirol/Austria can be found under the following links:

Film financing in Austria

A still from Powder Park TV Series

What are the taxation systems in the Tirol?

Taxation systems in Tirol/Austria can be found here:

Some big films/commercials that have been shot in Tirol?

Feature films like "James Bond 007 – SPECTRE“, “Downhill”, “Eddie the Eagle”, "Point Break“, "Snowpiercer“, "Tiger Zinda Hai“, “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, “Action Jackson”, "Yuvvraaj“, "Saaho“, "As it is in heaven“, "The Edukators“, "Last Holiday“, "xXx – Triple X“, "Extreme Ops“,

Television films like "Der Schandfleck“, "Schwabenkinder“, "Franz und Anna“, "Gefährliche Gefühle“, "Gipfelsturm“, "K2“, "Die Lawine“, "Crazy Canucks“, "Das Weihnachtsekel“, "Der letzte Kronzeuge“, "Ausgelöscht“, "Gletscherblut“, "Der Bär ist los“, "Die Hüttenwirtin“, "Die Wanderhure“, "Die Hebamme – Auf Leben und Tod“, "Die Aufnahmeprüfung“, "Der Meineidbauer“, "Stille“, “Fremder Feind”,

TV-serials like "Tatort“, “Landkrimi Tirol”, "Im Tal des Schweigens“, "Wilder Kaiser“, "Da wo die Berge sind“, "Der Metzger“, “Team Alpin”

TV series like "Der Bergdoktor“, "SOKO Kitzbühel“, "Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil“ and "Powder Park“

Commercials for leading companies and brands like BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Suchard, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sony Ericsson, Tchibo, Karstadt, Napapijri, Scania, Shell, Garmin, Samsung, Telekom

Music videos such as “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, “Ohne Dich” by Rammstein, “Parasol Peak” by Manu Delago, and “Enni soni” from the Bollywood movie “Saaho”.

What are you doing to improve the film ecosystem and film tourism?

We improve the film ecosystem in Tirol by inviting local filmmakers three times a year to inform them about new projects in the pipeline, to exchange ideas, and to network; we also list local filmmakers on our website in order to give them a chance to be found by producers/directors for future productions to be shot in Tirol. We also put a lot of effort into “Green Filming in Tirol” and train local filmmakers in this field.

Concerning film tourism we organize seminars and workshops in order to educate our colleagues from regional and local tourist offices in our county to develop attractive programs – as speakers we invite international experts in this field, we also present benchmarks regarding film tourism in other countries. Finally, we promote film tourism programs in Tirol via our website and social media.

What can a film tourist expect?

Tirolean film regions introduce themselves on - meanwhile, various regional programs have taken shape under the motto “On the trail of film productions”. The Wilder Kaiser Tourist Office for example started a highly successful promotion in conjunction with the TV series “Der Bergdoktor/The Mountain Doctor”: fans of this popular series can take part in guided walks and “Meet & Greet” events with the “Bergdoktor” Martin Gruber alias Hans Sigl and other actors/actresses of this very long-running TV-series – for more information please visit 007

ELEMENTS high above Sölden has become a magnet for Bond-fans from around the world – this unique cinematic installation was build after the shooting of SPECTRE on the summit of Gaislachkogel in an altitude of more than 3000 meters, it allows a stunning insight into the history of the “James Bond” movies and breath-taking views of the surrounding Ötztal mountain ranges – for more information please visit

gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5ZKwjLmB7AIVhuN3Ch2Y8wVNEAAYASAAEgKWIfD_BwE Other examples are premier events on the spot, the exhibition “Thiersee and its film history” and the “Bergdoktor cycling trail” in Wildermieming, and the Cine Tirol movie map.

A still from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

How valuable do you think, film tourism is for your country?

One important goal of the Cine Tirol team has always been the touristic exploitation of the film productions shot on location Tirol because “film works” - 27% of those surveyed by a Halifax Travel Insurance study said that when choosing a holiday destination they had been inspired by cinema and TV-films, and TCI Research found that more than 80 million tourists chose their holiday destination because of a film. Based on these and other related facts film tourism is extremely valuable for Tirol which offers high-quality tourism throughout the year for international travelers. Films shot on location Tirol reach a huge audience and thus transport stunning landscapes and exciting stories to many people in Europe and around the globe.

How easy is the permission process, and what's the time the agencies take?

Tirol is an extremely film-friendly region, local people and authorities will do everything to make things possible. But of course, authorities will be happy to have time to handle permissions, so you should in general allow at least two weeks for the permitting process before general shooting.

What is the competitive edge your country/region offers vis-a-vis others? Why should one shoot a film in your country/region?

Again the very easy access to even high alpine locations, the region located in the heart of the Alps in central Europe, the extreme film friendliness fo local people and authorities, the 5* infrastructure up to 3000 meters above sea level in terms of transportation, accommodation, culinary art, health, and safety – combined with excellent technical infrastructure and internationally well-experienced cast and crew.

What is the government support available in terms of co-production?

Films that are being produced on basis of a co-production treaty are considered national films and are therefore eligible for funding available in the contracting country. In 2018 a memorandum of understanding was set up and signed between the Producers Guild of India and the Austrian Trade Mission in Vienna.

What kind of equipment and expertise is available in your country/region?

Tirol has excellent technical infrastructure and renting equipment and filming facilities for production. There are also many well-trained and experienced professionals in all areas of expertise. The film centers Vienna and Munich are in close reach where filmmakers find a proliferation of film labs, post-production houses as well as abundant resources for production design, costume, and props needs. Finally, Tirol boasts a successful international theater and film industry, which means that there is a large number of international, multi-lingual actors and extras from which film producers can draw.

The article has been written with the inputs of Mr. Johannes Koeck, MA · Director of Cine Tirol Film Commission, in our series Global Film production.

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