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A career in film is amazing

Film making offers a lot of opportunities to people from all backgrounds and skills.

Filmmaking as a career

Often you wonder why a certain Classmate of yours from School or College who was a worse actor, Singer, Writer or even Painter is suddenly a celebrity in your circles just because he landed up with a film career. You know this person was ordinary and you in those days were special. You were far more talented and yet you ended up with a passive, boring career option.

Both of you earn the same amount of money yet this fellow is special. People see him differently, want to hear his or her stories, anecdotes. Everything he does seems special. So, where did you go wrong in choosing your profession?

You never told yourself that you were special, that you were talented in a certain way that you chose a safer route to career as told to you by your parents, friends, teachers and even elders.

Why, because none of them had any exposure to a Film career. None of them had even come close to a Film person or may be in those days a film career was a shaky one but if you are making the same mistake now in the 21st century, you are grossly mistaken.

The democratization of cinema and its craft has opened the flood gates for talents like you to realize their dreams which till a decade ago seemed impossible.

A Film career spans across the art, science and commerce of cinema.

Lets say for example you are pursuing an arts course, then you could be a Writer, Director, Assistant Director, Location Manager, Line Producer, Post Production Producer or Supervisor, Creative Director, Producer, Choreographer, Singer, Music Director, Art Director, Production designer, Costume Designer, Costumes Assistant, Painter, Carpenter, Set Manager, Catering Manager, PR Executive, Make up, Poster Designer and even a Director of Photography, Focus Puller, Drone Operator or anything like this.

If you are a Commerce student then may be you could opt for Production Management, Distribution, Line Production, Financing or even Production Accounts, all of which are highly skilled jobs and paying ones.

If science is your subject then may be Cinematography, sound, post production, Visual Effects, Color correction, Foley sound, sound recording or similar jobs could absorb a talent like you.

Even if you are a sports person, imagine how much you could earn being a Stunt Artist, Parkour Artist, Stunt Choreographer, Precision Driver, Diver and more. The career possibilities in film are endless. Each specialization, each skill has space in Cinema and mind you each skill is respected and paid well.

Making movies is a job of passion but at the same time its art and science that requires understanding of market, target audience, geography, ethnicity and the like before you venture on to a project.

Kick starting a career in cinema required either years of experience and tutelage or structured education which can also take a couple of years but then there are shorter focused online courses that can help you reach your destination without compromising on your existing career options.

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