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Connecting Short Filmmakers with Buyers


Diorama Short Film Center is an initiative under Diorama Film Bazaar to offer space to short filmmakers to participate in the Film Bazaar. The Short Film Center invites films from all over the world and allows you to meet Sales Agents, Distributors, Producers, Directors, Funding Agencies and Film Festival Directors/Programmers.

As a filmmaker, participation at the DSFC gets you a prime viewing position within the Viewing Room and allows you to meet industry professionals. You can also participate in the DFB events like Seminars, Networking lunches etc. 

Your participation at the DSFC brightens up your visibility at the Festival and the filmmaking circles, allows you a certain positioning in the film making community. A Filmmaker participating at the DSFC gets the following benefits:

  1. Access to Viewing Room screenings

  2. Access to Diorama Film Bazaar Screenings

  3. Access to Networking

  4. Full Access to Festival Screenings

  5. Market Badge

  6. Project Listing in the Official E-Catalogue

*Not Offered: The inclusion of your film at the Diorama Short Film Center in no way means that the film is selected for screening at the Festival. The film can be viewed by selected professionals at an online private screening in the Diorama  Live - Viewing Room during the Diorama Film Bazaar.

Whom you will meet?

  • International Producers

  • OTT Platforms

  • Gap Funding Producers

  • Co-Production Partners

  • Representatives from funding bodies.

  • Film Financiers

  • Film Distributors

  • Sales Agents

  • Film Festival Directors/Programmers

  • Experienced Film Directors

  • Content Buyers

  • Film Acquisition Executives

  • International Film Commissioners

$20 or INR 1,500
(Online ACCESS)

This package entitles filmmaker to submit his short on the Diorama's Distribution platform, which will be accessed by accredited buyers, platforms and distributors.

Or buy via Film Freeway here

Prime Viewing Space

Give your film the opportunity it needs

Diorama offers short filmmakers Prime Viewing Space at the Short Film Center through an online video library called Diorama Live at the Bazaar.

Prime Viewing Space

Access to Distributord

Network and Sell

An opportunity for Short filmmakers to show their film to sales agents, distributors, content buyers, and film festival directors in a specially developed platform to distribute short films.

Submission Guidelines

Registered participants are required to fill 'Diorama Film Centre Form' sent by Diorama Film Bazaar.

  1. Eligible countries: No country is barred from submission.

  2. No submitted materials will be returned to the sender.

  3. All films must have been subtitled in the English language. 

  4. Films should conform to the code of ethics followed at the Film Festivals. 

  5. Diorama Short Film Center reserves the right to reject any film without furnishing any reasons. 

  6. As long as the film fulfills the registration criteria, the filmmakers can submit multiple films in the section provided the films’ duration of the films submitted is at least 05 (Five Minutes).

  7. The maximum duration of a short film being submitted should not exceed 30 minutes.

  8. Rights of admission reserved to Diorama Film Bazaar.

By registering, the film maker agrees with the guidelines. 

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