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A Matchmaking Platform for Musicians to Compose, Sell, Distribute, Collaborate with filmmakers.

(Free to Enter)


What is Music Room

The Music Room offers a matchmaking platform for independent artists and bands to showcase, find, sell, collaborate, and feature their musical work in Films, Web Series, TV Commercials, and Digital Films.

- Pitch your Music to Filmmakers & Advertisers, and open new avenues of distribution and revenue
- Network with Film Directors and Studios, find the right break into the industry
- Collaborate with labels, brands, and like minded musicians, find gigs and talent representation
- Learn with Music Pros through masterclasses on Music Development, Production and Techniques.

Music is an integral part of Cinema, but finding the right music is a challenge for upcoming filmmakers. Diorama initiates the MusicRoom where content creators can find music, and musicians, and vice versa. This 5-day long opportunity is open to all Musicians not only from India but outside to present their talent before the International Film Community attending the Festival.  

Music Writer

Filmmakers are looking for you

​Its time to show your talent to the right people. If you think you have the talent to display or Music to sell, Diorama helps you connect with the right filmmakers who may need your music.

What do you need to do?

Register yourselves and enter the sample of your Released* Original Album/Singles.

Diorama Jury will curate Top 50 Tracks, which can be accessed by filmmakers looking for the right tracks.

Diorama Music Room
Drummer on Stage Diorama Music Room

Who do you connect with?

Global Film Professionals attending the Festival, Film Directors, Film Studios, Short Filmmakers, TV Directors, Ad Film Companies, Music Producers, Sound Designers, Film Delegates, Event Directors, and various Film Production Companies. 

Be a part of the Festival

Do Networking, Meet Filmmakers, Watch Movies, and attend Multiple Masterclasses on Music Distribution, Production and Webinars on IP Protection of your music.

Image by Neel Patel

The Platform

Your Music Sample will be placed on Diorama's secured Platform, where filmmakers can listen to tracks and you can connect directly.

Top 10 Winners will get an Award from Diorama alongwith a Music Distribution Offer.

Band Practice Diorama Music Room

​How to participate

  1. Send us your details with the form above.

  2. Video or audio clips of the sample music you want to feature.


Send us the material on festival@diorama(dot)in with the subject line 'Music Room Application' to get registered. Our team will get back for more details once we receive the email.

*Diorama only asks for Released Tracks. If you wish to enter an Unreleased track, kindly Audio-Watermark it every 10 seconds.

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