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invites your School to partner with Diorama


"Appreciation of the Cinematic Art" is a concept that is being introduced among the Indian school students for the first time. The objective is to expose the school students to the art, science and commerce of Cinema. To impress upon them that far beyond a medium of entertainment, Cinema is art, a career option, a toll for education and social control. The Diorama International Film Festival 2020 is being organized in New Delhi's Siri Fort Auditoria, in the month of May 2020 introduces this concept.


Initiated by Manoj Srivastava, the former Head of International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa and the man behind Jagran Film Festival, 'Cinema to Schools' invites your school to partner to with Diorama.



We invite students to a feature film Show where an Actor from the film talks to the students face to face standing among them to explain how this thought-provoking- real-life Cinema is different from the so-called 'Escapist Cinema'.


As part of the integrated efforts to explore and introduce the finer aspect of films to all kinds of audience, we have introduced the programme 'CINEMA TO SCHOOLS' for school children. As the name suggests, it’s the idea of bringing school kids closer to the kind of films that opens up minds, exposes them to the rich content and concepts, makes them think and develop curiosity and the ones that largely revolves around strong personalities and stronger stories which mainstream cinema misses out on often.


The screening of these films will be carried out each morning, followed by possible interaction with the main lead of the film. We invite the school to partner with us and expose students to this opportunity. The Fee per student is Rs.200/- (with refreshments) for the show. The Students are sent back with a Gift Hamper worth much more by Festival sponsors. The Great Indian Cinema movement is about to start in New Delhi. We are sure you would like to support this movement. 


Highlighting further details below:


Timings: 0900- 1200 hrs



1. A Hindi Classic or an Indian art house film with Universal certification by Central Board of Film Certification. 

2. An Actor, Film Director from the film possibly, talks to the Students post-screening.



1. Appreciation of the Cinematic Art which is a composite art form, an amalgamation of all performing and visual art forms. 

2. Making Gen Next aware of the existence of escapist and art house cinema streams within the country and the world and let them choose the best.

3. Career Counselling on careers in Cinema and business of Cinema

4. Opening young minds to the existence of a world around them



Post Film Screening, each student will be given a tour of the Festival and the Film Bazaar and will be offered a Gift Hamper by the Festival. Special Gift Hamper for the accompanying teachers and the Principal from the Festival. 

To get your school registered please mail us at or call us at 011-49539587

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