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How I Made It: The Orange Umbrella

Danna is a rain lover, that's why she insistently asks for an orange umbrella to go out to play in the rain. However, she has to imagine a solution, because when she finally gets the umbrella, it doesn't rain.

7 Mins | Spanish | Drama, Familia | 2021 | Colombia

In its persistent mission and zeal to promote good cinema, Diorama brings you the experience of the Director of the film - Deimer Vergara Torres

What inspired you to venture into short filmmaking?

I have been very interested in stories since my childhood and when I was twenty I discovered that cinema is the best form to tell whatever you want. We are surrounded by stories. My life, others lives, any situation in the world, everything could and should be explored and told. Films make me feel confident in myself . and change who I am, make me a dreamer, passionate and excited person about life.

What was your background before making this film?

I studied cinema and audiovisual. So before this short film I have filmed other ones. I've worked in cinematographic projects for other people as well and I currently work as a filming teacher at a district program in my country.

What was the starting point for you of deciding to make this film?

It was a strange situation, I remember that I met with a friend and she carried a see-through umbrella. When I saw it I said, "Wow! that's a pretty umbrella!" so she told me: "It's really cute, but I haven't been able to use it, because when I take it with me, it never rains." Therefore, I thought that's a good idea to write a story and make a short film. That's how It's born: The Orange Umbrella.

Why this subject matter for your film?

I think that the best form to reach the heart of the public is by telling stories about family and childhood. All of us have an interesting relationship with our past and when I say "Interesting" it’s because although our life is not perfect, it’s full of teachings that leave us many traces too.

Where did you find this story for this film?

During the last years, I've participated in several contests of short films script. In this contest specifically one of the requirements was to write a story about the role of woman as a heroine. Then I remembered the idea of the umbrella and decided that I would tell the story of a girl whose heroine happens to be her mother.

What were the challenges you faced in making the film?

I faced two key challenges, the first one was directing a child. Well, when I have to direct actors it is not easy, but when I have to direct a child that's really challenging. I remember that I had an idea in my mind, but when I faced the fact I really think that she directed me. It was a challenge full of lessons. The second one, It was about directing a script that told specific experiences of my nieces. It was really hard.

Making short films on a zero or a low budget is a common practice for most short filmmakers around the world. Do you think it affects the quality of production? What would you suggest to first time short filmmakers on a budget to ensure a good enough production quality?

The first task that all first time short filmmakers should resolve is to have a good story. Money is important, but I have watched many movies with production quality, however they are empty and wasteful. A good story can make possible to get finance in any contest or cinema context. But the route is difficult, so you have to hang on. You just have to be there. Keep working. Things will change only with persistence.

Did you face any problems in releasing or distributing the film? Do you think short filmmakers today have a marketplace to showcase and sell their works?

I didn't have any problem, because I got finance in my country, that's why the premiere was on a TV channel and I had money to send to different film festivals. I think there is a large marketplace to showcase short films, but I believe they should be free. There are many film festivals that have a fee to send our works and they don't consider how difficult it is to make a short film. I don't know how it works in other countries but in Colombia you can sell your short film for the cinema and some streaming platforms .

How do you think filmmakers like you can overcome common challenges like finance and distribution?

It's really hard. This is the heaviest part of making a movie. Funds are challenging to secure when you are unknown. A good story can get finance in contests and cinema backgrounds. I would say that you have to be persistent, try until you can achieve it.

Any other interesting facts about this film that you may like to cover, any experiment you did, or style?

It was really gratifying to work with my students. I felt happy because they had their first opportunity filming a movie.

Is this film going to affect the society, and who should watch it.

Everyone should watch The Orange Umbrella. Because all of us have an inner child who always needs to be happy.

What would you advice filmmakers making a short film for the first time?

Don't lose your faith, If you want to be a filmmaker you have to go for it. Make one, two, three or more films without major funds but with friends. Learn from every experience and get confidence . Most importantly, don't be rude. All the people that work with you are humans and have feelings and you must learn the respect the person you're working with.

Film Poster - The Orange Umbrella (2022)

Festivals and Awards

  1. Festival Internacional de Cine de Ituango

  2. Diorama International Film Festival

  3. Festival Internacional De Cine En La Isla

  4. Medellín International Film Festival

  5. Festival Internacional De Cine Al Mar

Meet the Director

Deimer Vergara Torres





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